Homophobia in Professional Sports

A men’s professional sports locker room is one of the most psychologically dangerous places to be in the world. It is a place of constant hazing, playful ribbing, and jabs at one’s sexuality. The terms “gay” and “fag” are spread around locker rooms more frequently than bottles of Gatorade.

Ask Alice

With the Munch Box/Tim Horton’s closed and the vending machines non-functional, where can I get food at Abbott after 4:00 PM?

Club Spotlight: GALA

John Abbott’s Gay and Lesbian Association (G.A.L.A.) is one of the largest clubs on campus. It deals with issues within and outside the LGBTQIA community, including coming out and home life.

Humans of John Abbott

“Most people wouldn’t know that when I really have to get away from everything, I draw. It’s something that I can completely lose myself in.”

How to Survive CEGEP

Le Collège d’enseignement général et professionnel is the main reason that Quebec ranks #1 in Canada for college completion and degrees (including vocational training) in Canada (federation des cégeps). Also known as CEGEP, close to 165,000 young Quebecers (and Canadians) attend this type of post-secondary school (Fédération des cégeps).

How F#!%ed Are We?

We’ve all heard talk in recent years of global warming. It is no longer a dispute to most of us, nor has it been to scientists for years – environmental change is occurring as a result of human activity.