Japanese Volcanic Eruption

I almost thought it was the end of my life,” said Yuji Tsuno, a survivor who told TBS TV network what happened. A surprise remained underground at a popular climbing site located in Kiso, Japan for at least 250 hikers who walked on Mount Ontake.

John Abbott Men’s Rugby

The John Abbott Men’s Rugby team is one of the many campus sports teams. Unlike sports such as football, soccer, and hockey, rugby doesn’t tend to get much mainstream attention.

Hillel John Abbott

The Hillel table on Club Day had more traffic than we’ve ever seen before. This semester will be a great one! We will finally be able, with the help of our members, to do all our planned events.

SUJAC Update – October 8th

Hello again, Abbotteers!

With the falling of leaves and changing of colours, autumn has definitely arrived, and with it has come the halfway point to our semester!

Stranger Confessions

Do you really know the person sitting next to you in class, waiting in line in front of you at the cafeteria, or the person you just bumped into running down the hallway?

Club Day Extravaganza

The red carpet was rolled out in the Agora on Wednesday to welcome students to the exhibition of John Abbott’s clubs and associations, otherwise known as Club Day. This year’s theme, as prescribed by SUJAC, was “Lights, Camera, Action!”