Life Without a Phone

For the past month, I have been scraping by without a cellular device. The reason why is rather uninteresting, so I won’t talk about that here. Life without a phone has been quite enlightening to me.

The Peak of Animation Is Now

After many unsuccessful movies such as The Black Cauldron and The Fox and the Hound in the 80s, the Disney Renaissance came with The Little Mermaid, changing animation forever. Struggling for over a decade, Walt Disney Animation Studios seems to have finally settled down a path that looks promising.

“Friends” Pilot Review

Well, all you comedy fans out there certainly have something to laugh about now… but not for the reasons you might think. The pilot for Friends aired on September 22nd, and while it may have received decent ratings, most viewers all agree on one thing: This show just isn’t funny.

Obituaries for our Departing Staff

It is our deepest regret to report that Dina Willis, former longtime entertainment editor, known by about 75% of our two readers as “That Metal Chick”, has passed away. It’s sad that we never knew her well enough to nickname her “That Metal Chick Named Dina”. The details around her death are fuzzy, due to the dubious background she was in during the last days of her life.

Jewish Synagogue Attacked in Broad Daylight

Early morning on Tuesday 18th, Jews praying at a Jerusalem synagogue were attacked by two Palestinian men, cousins according to some sources. The pair, armed with meat cleavers as weapons, sliced through five men, killing four and severely wounding one.