4 Easy Resolutions To Start Off The Year A Little Bit Better…. You Won’t Believe Number 4!

Now you’re probably thinking, isn’t it a little late to be talking about New Year’s resolutions? Truth be told, most people have already decided on their resolutions, and may already be underway with them. Such is the constraint for a little bi-weekly paper like the Bandersnatch, but if we’re being real, the chances are if you’re a resolution maker you probably already gave up on trying to fulfill them. I know that for me, my resolution to stop my propensity for overthinking things to preposterous levels is not working all that well, but I’m still hoping for a comeback. Anyways though, if you’re one of the poor souls that has given up on your resolution already, but wants to save face by still making 2018 a year of improvement, here are 4 super simple resolutions to try out.

1. Compliment at least one person per day

Whether you hand out a compliment to a friend, a family member, a classmate, or a random stranger, it’s quite simple to do. Not only do you make the person feel better and proud about themselves, but you learn to appreciate more about other people. Also, you get that personal satisfaction by making others feel good. Just make sure that you’re giving genuine compliments about things that are actually praiseworthy.

2. Listen More

As someone that’s more of a natural listener, this one’s already a cinch for me, but for some people they just don’t know when to stop taking. If this is you, you may not realize all the things you miss out by not handing over the microphone to someone else. Chances are, if you stop more to listen to others, you’ll learn more about them, and they’ll appreciate you more for it. So, try and stop talking sometimes, and who knows what good things you’ll learn? But don’t forget to actually listen and not just tune out of the conversation!

3. Set Small Goals

Sometimes as work piles up over the semester, things can seem really daunting, especially if you’ve got other things going on in your life. One of the ways that I cope with that, is by setting small goals on a to-do list that I already know I’m going to be able to handle easily. For those of you that might feel like you can’t accomplish anything, something as simple as crossing off “organize my notes” or “print out lecture slides” might be just the little thing you need to show you that you’re making some progress. Eventually you’ll graduate to bigger goals, but there’s always that satisfying feeling that you get after you look back on all of the small things you’ve accomplished in a day.

4. Slow Down

This one is a little more intermediate, but still definitely doable. It is simply to take things at a slower pace. Whether it’s talking, going from one place to another, or just in general making decisions, take a bit of pause before doing whatever it is that you need to do. While waiting around can have negative consequences, rushing a choice can make you more stressed too. Also, speaking slower will improve your communication skills by you being more coherent.

Take on all 4, just 1, or none of these resolutions, it doesn’t matter, but hopefully I’ve at least given you some ways to consider when improving yourself in 2018. Whether you reinvent yourself, or make a few minor adjustments, progress is progress. All that’s left is to try and stick with them, so good luck!

Connor Sin-Chan
Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Originally published in Bandersnatch Vol. 47 Issue 07 on January 24, 2018