5 Easy Tips To Being Environmentally Friendly!

by Valerie Molino

Summer is coming!! Can you feel it?! I certainly can. Finally, we will soon be able to say goodbye to our coats and boots. The sun is shining brighter and longer, which means we all smile brighter and longer. Along with these new temperature changes, we must remember that our planet is still in great need of saving. Every moment counts, as does each little action. So here are a few tips we should all be doing for the new season.

1. Thinking of going out to watch a movie or going to a concert? Get e-tickets instead of paper tickets. Also, if you were thinking of going away this summer, get electronic boarding passes!

2. Clean out your car junk! You know who you are! To be honest, a lighter car increases your fuel efficiency. The extra weight decreases it.

3. Thinking of the books you’re going to read this summer? Well think used. Go to a used bookstore to find wonderful novels at cheaper prices. You might be surprised by what you find. If that doesn’t do it for you, buy an e-book reader and download as many books as you want. HINT HINT…This also works for school books!

4. Don’t use plastic cups or paper cups when ordering coffee; buy yourself a refillable container. This also goes for plastic water bottles.

5. Buy your fruits and vegetables at your local farmer’s market. What a convenience that we have the Mac Market right next door!

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