5 More Easy Tips to Being Environmentally Friendly!

by Valerie Molino

We are back with a few more tips for this planet we all inhabit and love. With spring finally upon us, don’t forget all those little actions that could help.

1. Create a composting site on campus where students can get hired. Creating jobs leads to helping the economy!

2. Use recycled paper when printing out assignments! (This also goes for the teachers!)

3. At school and at home take the time to throw out your waste in the right place. Paper, cans, and plastic in the recycling basket, and anything that has food residues on them, such as pizza boxes, in the garbage.

4. Buy rechargeable batteries. Not only will it be cheaper in the long run, but you’ll use way less batteries that way!

5. Not using your pool often because you’re too busy with summer school? Well put a cover on it. Your pool will stay cleaner longer, and it will also prevent the water from evaporating, thus saving you refills.

If you missed the first half of these tips, please go read last week’s issue to try to integrate them into your daily routine. 🙂


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