A Cat’s Journal in a Pandemic

Image Source: Flicker

Suzie Deschambault
Web Editor

Meowww! My life with what the humans call “Quarantine” was beautiful, meow, perfect, meow, awesome, meow, the best time of my life! My humans were at home all the time, ready to scratch me behind the ears, pet me, feed me, and play with me. Meooow. The best thing with a quarantine life, was that I was able to annoy my humans all day long. I disturbed countless times what they call “online classes” and “teleworking”, which, Meeeoww, stopped them from paying attention to me. Grrrrr. I was able to sleep on the most comfortable thing in my life each day: MEOW! PAPER! MEOW!

Meeooww! Now, they are leaving the house again. GRrrrrr. They are not ready to pet me, feed me or play with me whenever I want. They have to go to work, and even school sometimes. Grr. I cannot even annoy them all day or stop them from doing whatever they were doing on those “laptops”! Meoww, laptops’ corners are really useful when my nose itches. Even paper is not as often placed perfectly on the desk for my catnaps. My life is all miserable. GRrr! Again! GRrrrr!

My dear Journal, you cannot even imagine how I would like for “Quarantine” to come back. I would be able to cuddle my youngest human and discover the small world of “molecules” in what the human called “chemistry.” Meowwew! I love “Quarantine”, but I love, meow, “Summer” even more…

Originally Published on www.bandersnatch.ca Vol.50 Issue 01 on September 9th, 2020

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