A Spooky Holiday is Coming! : Halloween and My Own Traditions

Halloween!!! Halloween!!! Everybody scream! Can’t wait to see the mad costumes people will pull together nearing the end of this semester. That’s right! Halloween is finally here in less than a week, and that week is week 11. Eleven!?! Super scary, right? I don’t need a haunted house to give me shivers when I know that I already have a unit test coming up. But who cares? Time is ticking no matter what, and we all deserve a break, even us, procrastinators. Besides, there are some Halloween traditions that we all need to follow no matter what, so here are my key ones:

1) Simpsons Treehouse of Horror: If you are a fan of The Simpsons like I am, you should be super happy. On Sunday, October 22nd, the Simpsons released the fourth episode of its twenty-ninth season: The Tree House of Horror XXVIII. Skip to the second tradition if you don’t want spoilers! As expected, the Simpsons did an excellent job. The episode started off with the usual; Maggie gets possessed by a spirit called Pazuzu. While trying to be exorcised, the spirit goes into Bart’s body, asking to be freed from Bart’s dark soul that’s obviously a lot worse than the spirirt’s. Poor Pazuzu. Then, the Simpsons went into a stop motion animated parody of Coraline. Lisa finds a better version of her life, and gladly chooses it, and its buttons, over Homer’s stupidity. Sadly for Lisa, everyone ends up following her lead and taking part in a weird fictional family, protected by spider Marge. Finally, it ends with Homer practicing “Meganism”, where he gets to eat himself, along with his juicy fat, alive. He finds out that he’s so delicious to eat that he sells himself as an ingredient for fast food restaurants. Don’t worry (it’s not that bad). But for those of you with faint stomachs, you might want to close your eyes when Homer starts brushing his teeth with mayonnaise; Yuck!!!!!

2) Pumpkin Carving: This is pretty standard as a Halloween tradition. It’s simple. Get a pumpkin; carve a pumpkin. But there are so many things you can carve! The hardest part is definitely choosing which design you will do, and maybe cutting the hard skin of the pumpkin. Some people also make some deserts with the remains, so, if you’re feeling extra creative, look up some recipes that you want to eat.

3) Dress up: I can’t even begin to say how important this is. Halloween is the one time of the year you can freely walk the halls in whatever you want to wear or as whoever you want to be, so why dress normally? Have fun! Be creative! Be your favorite character! Wear something different! Don’t be boring… please.

So these are the basic Halloween traditions I have, and there are plenty of things that keep changing. You may not have these, but regardless, I hope you celebrate in some way and relax.

Camille Pigeon
Procrastinator Editor

Originally Published in Vol. 47 Issue 4 on October 25th, 2017 

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