About Bandersnatch

Bandersnatch is the official student-run newspaper of John Abbott College. It has published an issue every two weeks since 1971 and is partially funded by the Student Activities Committee and by advertising solicited members.

Can I join?

Any Abbott student with something to say can write for or contribute to any of our sections, whether it’s Student Life, News, Entertainment, Games, Opinions, Sports, or Science & Tech. We aren’t picky! You can also contribute drawings, pictures, short stories, or poems to the Arts section as well as comics and other miscellaneous submissions to the Procrastinator section.

If you want to get involved, come to one of our meetings on Teams (the code is on Omnivox) or stop by our office (H-049) located right across from the Oval Coffee House in Herzberg basement. Anybody can be a part of Bandersnatch regardless of prior experience. We’re always happy to have new faces around.

We always need contributors and staff writers/artists/photographers, and if you’re interested in an executive position, the best way to become known is to get involved now.

How does production work?

We publish an issue once every two weeks. One week we will hold a meeting on Tuesday to decide content for next week’s issue and bring up any other related topics such as position elections or future plans for the paper.

During the week we write and send in our articles by Sunday night. On Monday and Tuesday of the following week our editing staff puts together the paper using Adobe InDesign at our clubroom.

We are always looking for copy editors, and we welcome any new face who’s eager to be a part of the paper.


Opinions expressed by authors throughout our issues and on this website do not necessarily reflect the views of Bandersnatch Newspaper.

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