An Ad for people

Image Source: Pixabay

Because everyone’s worth it

Casey Dobson
Opinions Editor

If you thought Gillette ads broke the internet, get ready to have your mind geblasen (that’s German for blown).
In March of 2019, L’Oréal’s German ad firm, McCann, released a series of ads targeted at men, with graphs made of makeup. The goal was to illustrate the discrepancies between men and women in managerial roles on Germany’s executive boards and committees.
Mission accomplished. And personally, I don’t think it could have been accomplished in a better, more beautiful way.
The bold text at the top of each ad proclaiming “this is an ad for men” gets the attention of the people that need to finally pay attention. Males make up 91.4% Germany’s executive and management boards. And they’ve been perfectly content to keep it that way, egos clouding their common sense from seeing that increasing women in managerial roles would also increase profitability.
Studies have shown that boards that have women in 30% of their seats increase their profitability by 15%, their management reviews get better by 24%, and innovation grows to 20% more patents in a year.
Simple infographics made from lipsticks, mascara swooshes, and spilled nail polish cleanly illustrate the above stats. The elegance of the products themselves matches the elegance with which they have chosen to give male executives the middle finger.
The bottom line in the wider debates remains that the corporate bottom lines benefit from getting more women involved. And L’Oréal sends that message across beautifully, confirming that we are all worth it.

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