An Interview with Camille Pigeon

Editor of the Procrastinator

Amanda Bowie
Staff Writer

    Every issue, there is a brilliant mind who puts this section together. To understand what an Editor from Bandersnatch is like, I decided to interview Camille Pigeon, the Procrastinator Editor.

  1. Would you rather always be hot or cold?
  2. Cold! It’s nice being warm, but I hate being hot, and I like to have a chill so that I can add layers. In my mind, it’s easier to get warm than to try and cool down.

  3. What’s your favourite day of the year?
  4. That’s pretty tough. I guess if I had to choose, it’d be Halloween. For some, as you get older, this day becomes overrated, but I like the idea of being able to dress up as whatever you want. It’s a nice change, and it lets people see what you are interested in and get to know you better.

  5. If you could get a good, well-paying, and interesting job without a post-secondary education, would you choose not to go to university or college?
  6. I know a lot of people will think this is weird, but I’d have to say that I would still go. I have many reasons as to why: 1) I actually like school. 2) Getting a job right away would put me in a socially awkward position because of my age [born in December 1999]. Already being a year younger than most makes me feel out of place, so I can’t imagine skipping all that time and getting a job right off the bat. 3) The idea of being given everything without the effort doesn’t seem right.

  7. Plane, train, or automobile?
  8. I’ve actually never been on a train so, eventually, I’d like to try it. Even if I’d rode a train before, I would still choose it. When I go on planes, my ears pop and it’s really uncomfortable, and cars take too long.

  9. Where in the world do you want to go the most?
  10. Japan or Greece, but probably Japan. I’ve taken an interest in Asian culture and would definitely like to explore the entertainment side of Japan, as well as the cultural sites.

  11. What period in history do you wish you lived in?
  12. That’s hard, because there are many problems in the past, like the treatment of women. I’d want to go to the future with the hope that it would be much better for everyone in terms of equality, and that environmental issues would be addressed.

  13. Opinion on the proliferation of nuclear weapons?
  14. Oh. My. God. This was the topic of my high school’s Model United Nations, and it was quite something. This is an important issue, and the spread of nuclear weaponry needs to stop; however, it’s way too complex to simplify like that. I think it’s important that we take all options under consideration, but I can’t think of a perfect solution right now.

  15. Why are you Editor of the Procrastinator section?
  16. I wanted to improve my writing, so I joined the Bandersnatch, and when I saw the opportunity to gain a position with responsibility, I decided to go for it. The title works because I’m constantly procrastinating.

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