An Interview with Juno-Nominated artist Royal Wood

Nicolas Tremblay

Staff Writer

Questions and answers from an interview I conducted with Juno-nominated artist Royal Wood.

1. What is the message of your newest album “What Tomorrow Brings” (released on November 4th)?

What will happen tomorrow is unknown, but through hard and good times, we have to stay optimistic about the future. Events such as the pandemic put us all through hardship after all.

2. Is there a song on the album you feel more connected to and why?

Not really, since they’re all my babies, I let the public choose what song they prefer. “Armour” seems to be what fans relate the most to and prefer.

3. What instrument/s did you start with and how did it/they shape your music?

When I was 4 years old, Piano, I was all over it. Then I started playing guitar, bass, saxophone, etc. Music is my life, period.

4. As a live performer, what city/venue do you like the most and why?

As a kid, there was this music hall in Toronto that really impressed me. I usually prefer cafes or small venues to feel closer to the public. It’s more personal this way.

5. Looking back, how does it feel to see your songs being used in movies or shows such as “Grey’s Anatomy”?

It’s very special to have your music used in television and films, it’s a motivation for me to explore the composition of music for films. Composers such as John Williams are amazing in their craft and I want to try new things. That is why I am currently working on an instrumental album at the moment.

6. If there is an artist you would like to collaborate with, who is it and why?

Amongst the most popular pop artists at this time, Harry Styles would be someone whom I would love to collaborate with. He is like the David Bowie of his time, simply brilliant as an artist.

7. Any last comments or words for your fans?

Keep looking forward and being optimistic, I’m glad to make music again, and enjoy the album!

Royal Wood’s newest album “What Tomorrow Brings” is out now! Available on all your favorite streaming services.

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