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Alice, I’m having trouble dealing with jealousy. My friend’s successes have been plentiful since this year started, and I’m finding it difficult to be happy for her since I don’t feel too great about myself. We’re in a lot of the same classes, and somehow she always manages to surpass me in marks, even though we work just as hard. Sometimes it feels like she’s being constantly praised for her achievements, and it sucks to feel like I can’t be just as successful as her. How do I deal with having a friend who seemingly succeeds at everything?

Do not fret, my dear, for success comes to everyone at varying times. Although it may feel like you play second fiddle to your friend, you must realize that you’re just as worthy to experience success and praise

Everyone experiences successes and failures in life, but ultimately we cannot control our own destiny. Just because you may feel like you’re not succeeding at many things right now does not mean you should treat yourself like a failure. Your friend must appreciate her bountiful success, because it will not be everlasting.

What you must realize is that we human beings are not perfect, therefore we will not meet every task in life with a positive outcome. Be proud of your individuality, and be proud of who you are, my dear. You may not love yourself as much as you should right now, but I know for sure that your friend loves you greatly, and knows that she is not perfect. Odds are she is full of her own stresses and insecurities.

Jealousy is nothing but a damper, my dear.

All the best and good luck! ~ Alice

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