Ask Alice

Dear Alice,

I seem to be having trouble with punctuality. I’m late for everything! How do I stop my chronic tardiness?

Well, my dear, you definitely do not want to be late for very important dates.

Tardiness can leave a less than appealing impression. Therefore, you must work on focusing on ways to prepare yourself for various rendez-vous sooner. If you’re not waking up at a responsible time, set your alarm a tad bit sooner and make sure to set more than one alarm for precautionary purposes. When carrying about your day, try not to spend too much time on one thing, which will in turn make you late for other things. The key to having an efficient day is to not be lazy! Laziness only causes more and more tardiness. Therefore, work when you must work, and rest when you must rest. Also, I’d recommend wearing a watch. They help more than you’d imagine.

I hope this helps, my dear!


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