Ask Alice

Alice, there’s so many clubs in the school, I’m really shy and don’t know where to start looking! What could I do?

Hey there youngster! Well as crazy as it sounds, just sign up for all of them! You’ll turn a little crazy but that’s normal, that’s why doctors are making so much money! I suggest you start with things you like, small stuff, maybe rock climbing? You can even start smaller, an all-purpose club like the newspaper #ShamelessPlug. Whatever you choose, be confident and everything will be alright.

Alice? What can we do during our breaks? I have a freakishly long one and I have no idea how to entertain myself…

Well, the school has plenty to offer! The only thing you can’t really do is hook up in the library or smoke within the 9m law… Other than that, the school has plenty of clubs, learning centers, attractions in the St-Anne’s village, and more! You can always head to Student Activities and learn more about how you can help out within the school and check the events calendar! Have fun chasing the dream!

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