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How do I know how many classes I have to take to complete my DEC? Everyone seems to have a different amount.

You can find out how many classes you have on your Omnivox profile! Just log into your Omnivox account, scroll down the page and look for “Progression Chart” on the left, labeled under My Services. When you get directed to your chart, it will show you all your personal data along with all your courses listed per semester. The courses which you have completed will be the boxes that are green, the ones that you are currently enrolled in will be blue, and the ones you need to complete will be in orange. Make sure you have no less than 4 and no more than 8 classes each semester.

I’m having trouble balancing my courseload, but I want to graduate from CEGEP in the recommended number of years it takes to complete my program. What can I do if I can’t lighten my courseload?

If you’re having a hard time balancing out your work from all your courses but still want to finish in the recommended time, the best thing would be to take summer courses or winter intersessions. You can take a maximum of 2 courses in the summer, including concentration courses. The winter intersession only permits one general education course because of the limited time frame of approximately 2 weeks. However, summer school is 7.5 weeks or shorter, depending on the course. Forms are easily available in the Registrar’s office, currently located at H-110. Be sure to inquire about the deadlines or there will be no more seats due to the limited capacity and a large amount of applicants. Good Luck!

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