Ask Alice

Dear Alice, it’s only the second week of school and I’m already exhausted. Any advice on how to make it through the rest of the semester?

Looks like you’re off to a pretty rough start, dear. All I can say is: you’ve got to buckle down, push through the tired and get things done. Set aside time for things you enjoy and carve out some for yourself. It will help you feel happier and make you way more productive. Keep it positive, think about the good things coming up and not just all the stuff you have to do!

P.S drink a couple gallons of coffee/tea, that sure seems to work for the Mad Hatter!

Dear Alice, 2017 means a new year and a new me. How can I improve myself at Abbott?

First of all, no new you will magically appear when you flip the calendar from December to January. You’ve got to work to create a different and possibly better version of who you already are. As for what you can do at Abbott, it all depends on your goals. To be a better student try handing in ALL your homework on time this semester, or actually doing ALL the course readings. If you’re looking to improve your health, try checking out the Abbott gym during their free periods or getting a membership. Bring a healthy lunch from home instead of buying a pizza pocket on campus. If you want to improve your mental state this year, try a stress management course offered at JAC or check out the Yoga Club. Whatever you do, take it slow, your best chance at achieving your resolution is planning exactly how to fit your new activity into your already busy schedule, and turn it into a habit that lasts all year long.


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