Ask Alice

My partner broke up with me right around midterm. I can’t focus on my exams, and my chances of getting into university are already pretty slim. What do I do?
I would recommend that you make sure to find closure with your breakup. Cry as much as you need, and eat all the desserts you can afford, but don’t let your sadness consume you. Deal with the ramifications when you have the time, if applicable. If it was a clean breakup and the chances that you two will get back together are slim, don’t stress out too much over it. Take the time to recover, and ease yourself back into work. Get your friends to make sure you’re studying, and try not to fall behind on assignments. There are also counsellors on campus if you would rather talk to a professional. Have a safe recovery!
How do I make friends at work?

You’re at work to work. Friends at work are good to have when you maintain professional behavior, but unless you remain disciplined, they can become a distraction and cause your productivity to dip, placing your job in danger. The best option is to keep a professional relationship with all your coworkers and remain upbeat, allowing friendships to appear when they do, and mostly outside of the work environment.

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