Ask Alice

What is the best age to move out of your parents’ house?

It really depends on who you are, how mentally mature you are, and if you can sustain yourself. For many people they aren’t prepared to move out of their parents’ house till at least 17-18 when they go to college or to further into their educative career. For some it’s that their household environment is far too hostile for any form of learning and they are forced to leave and take care of themselves. So in the end, it depends on whom you are and sometimes it’s better to take things in baby steps then just jumping it, but for some, they have no choice, and I wish them the best of luck!

If I haven’t already signed up for intersession should I try or next semester go for an 8 class semester next semester?

That’s a really hard choice, I mean if you haven’t already signed up for intersession you have a really low chance of getting as, as your priority is most likely low. Though doing a 8 class semester can be extremely hard in any pre-university program or career program. So if you don’t believe that you can do a 8 class semester, maybe instead of doing that, you can try and get into next intersession during the summer. Next semester do less courses, work harder on those, and maybe work on the side!

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