Ask Alice

Is college the right time to lose my virginity?

It depends on the person. After all, no time is the right time, but you should only ever do something until you feel completely ready and safe. You shouldn’t feel pressured to lose your virginity because of others, if you are not prepared enough or think you shouldn’t then perhaps it isn’t the best time. There is no shame in waiting.

Where and when do I eat?

There are tons of areas to eat in the school, the cafeteria, the student lounges, the Oval Café and if you want to, St-Anne-De-Bellevue. Some teachers may allow you to eat in the classroom, but you would need to ask beforehand about it. Many teachers have short lunch breaks during class where you can go get something to satisfy your stomach. Communicating with your teachers about if you can eat in class is necessary. It won’t hurt to ask, even if the answer is no.

Where are good places to study?

There are the library study booths, and quiet rooms like the lounge near the Casgrain Swimming Pool. You can also ask to rent out an isolated room in the library basement with a few friends and set up study sessions. We also have places like the CAF and the language labs for help with your language classes. Most places can get crowded, but if you find a quiet classroom or hallway, sometimes those areas can be the best.

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