Ariel Lewis

Ever since the release of the first iPhone back in 2007, Apple has been a powerhouse in the technology industry. With the tenth anniversary quickly approaching and dozens of rumours circulating, there are a lot of high expectations for the newest iPhone that’ll hit the market on the 22nd or 23rd of September. No confirmations have been made about the name but most are assuming it will follow the pattern set by the prior versions and be called the iPhone 8. Other speculations include iPhone Pro, iPhone X, iPhone Edition, and iPhone 10.

There are many big changes that will be happening to the design of the model most Apple fans have grown accustomed to. The conventional LCD panels may be replaced with an OLED screen which use less power and produce better range and colour

There has been a lot of talk of a significant increase in the screen to body ratio, even going as far as having an all-screen front, something we’d seen in the LG G6 and the Samsung Galaxy S8 earlier this year. Because of this larger screen area, it’s likely that the home button Apple users are accustomed to will be moved and either be placed on the side of the phone, underneath the screen or removed entirely. Rumours of wireless charging have also been very popular and to make this possible, a glass back will need to be used. Unfortunately, if wireless charging is in the question, it will only be available in certain models. The colour choices will be the same as the previous year but there is a possibility of blush gold being a new option.

Recent innovations also seem to be everywhere on the newest addition to the Apple company. By removing the home button, touch ID won’t be possible anymore. To replace it, the revolutionary new front camera will use 3D facial recognition. A dual lens camera similar to the one on the iPhone 7 will be on the back. With new components to play with the depth of your photos, there may also be a feature to use virtual effects in photos, similar to Snapchat lenses. Like the iPhone 7, there won’t be a headphone jack, but the charging port will remain the same as the previous models. The new phone will be incredibly more water resistant than the antecedent models and will have improved the earpiece to provide better audio quality

With all these dazzling new elements Apple is introducing, the price of the iPhone 8 won’t be cheap. Rumours of the price are ranging anywhere from $700 to nearly $1200. While this is an extraordinarily large sum of money, with the many advanced components, the great price jump is to be expected. While a lot of information related to Apple’s technology is still up in the air, the anticipation surrounding the new models is proof that Steve Jobs is still a huge influence in the smartphone business.

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