Being Environmentally Friendly: Halloween Edition!

with Valerie Molino

BOOOOO!!! – Did I scare you?!?! If you didn’t know before this… Halloween is on the 31st of October… I’m not lying – it’s true!
Ok, let’s be serious now… Halloween is almost here! Some of us might have already found the perfect costume, but if you’re like me, you’ll procrastinate until the very last second, and then, well, it’s just going to be too late to buy one. With all the excitement of Halloween, whether it be giving out candies to little children, or curling up with a huge bowl of treats and watching a horror movie, or even going to a Halloween party dressed up as a sexy cop, we sometimes put aside the important issues happening around the world. So here are some quick tips to being environmentally friendly during the Halloween period:
Tip #1: When decorating for Halloween, use LED lights or solar-powered lights. This is a great way to stay environmentally friendly without really doing much! (Ah, today’s population! Oh, so lazy!)
Tip #2: If you’re actually going trick-or-treating, don’t go by car. We emit enough greenhouse gas emission as is; it won’t kill you to walk! Think of it as exercise.

Finally! Tip #3: Donate your sexy cop costume (or any other costume…) after Halloween. This is a great way to recycle something by making someone else happy. Also, you’ll be happy that it won’t be taking up all the space in your closet!

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