Bernie Drops Out

Lucas Galand

News Editor

The race to become the Presidential candidate for the Democratic Party in 2020 has been an interesting one. We have seen unusual candidates such as Michael Bloomberg run while financing his entire campaign with his own personal wealth, and on the other extreme, grassroots movements such as the one led by Bernie Sanders take off without any funding from super packs.

Now the race is essentially finished. Joe Biden, who served as VP during the Obama administration, holds the majority of the delegates needed to win the nomination (1228 out of the 1991 needed to win). In the face of such a lead, Bernie Sanders recently suspended his campaign, and supported Joe Biden in a livestream. Though he will still be on the ballot when it comes time for Democrats to vote for their candidate, he will no longer be holding rallies, participating in debates or otherwise promoting his candidacy. According to an official statement he made regarding the end of his campaign, he is maintaining his spot on the ballot in hopes of influencing the new Democratic platform.

Despite his many loyal “Berniebro” supporters, Senator Sanders has been the victim of online trolls recently. In a bid to confuse those who donated money to Bernie’s campaign, an online group of alt-right trolls used the hashtag “bernreturns” to spread rumors that the campaign was refunding all donations. Though it was a persistent effort, it had little success beyond causing a few confused calls to the Bernie’s Campaign Office.

Originally Published on Vol.49 Issue 13 on April 15th, 2020