Best Hangouts for Science Students

By J.R. (Contributor)

At John Abbott College, there are many facilities and resources that are offered to all of the students, whether they are in the arts program or in police tech. Some of these include the cafeteria, the gym, the pool, the sauna, and library, not to mention all the counselors and staff on campus.

Now if you are a science student (or even if you are not), there are a lot of places where one can go to for studying or other stuff.

There is of course the brand new Anne-Marie Edward building; most commonly known as the science building or the HS building as it appears in students schedules. There are six floors worth of computer labs, and teachers and tutors on practically every floor to help with any doubts you may have about anything you didn’t understand in class, which happens more often than we’d like to admit.


Moving on, there is also the math lab, located in the second floor of the Herzberg building, which also means more computers to do those Webwork assignments you will inevitably have and a department full of math teachers/geniuses (because they just seem to figure out everything in a matter of seconds) that are more than willing to help with all those problems on Webwork that are impossible to solve on your own.

Another good place to go to if you are running late on assignments and need fast wifi access (and you don’t want to wait in the library for a computer) is the top floor in the Hochelaga building: the internet connection there is faster than anywhere else on campus.

If you are just looking to meet new people, there are several clubs that you can join (including our own school paper!), that are located in the basement of Herzberg, right in front of the oval coffee house. If you are really good in science and would like to help others there is also the JAC science club which was created to help science students succeed in every single one of their science classes.

For studying, the school library is always a good choice but there are also the student lounges that are located in the Casgrain and the Stewart buildings on the first floor but if you really like studying in a noisy environment, the cafeteria really is the best choice. Fair warning though, the internet connection there can be pretty terrible.

As a matter of fact, John Abbott is simply full of little places like those, so no matter where you look, be aware that all of these haunts are available to you and that you may stumble upon a new one by accident. So have fun, and use them well!

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