Big Mouth: Embarrassingly Hilarious

While there are plenty of downsides, this show has had an overwhelming amount of positives. Big Mouth is an animated series that follows the life of 7th graders: kids going through puberty. The series explores both the female and the male experience of going through adolescence, and even shows the journey of exploring your sexual orientation.

Although the show is quite vulgar, both verbally and visually, it doesn’t bother hiding the ugly side of puberty. It tells the truth, even if it’s whispered in your ear by Maurice the hormone monster, or by the ghost of Duke Ellington.

Some episodes are push the boundaries too far, making me regret ever starting the show, but most of the content is filled with raw humour that made me quite literally laugh out loud.

Why would a young adult watch a show about teenagers going through puberty? Because it’s clearly not meant for twelve and thirteen-year-olds. I enjoyed watching the series because it’s just like going through a picture album and reminiscing about your own journey, one that seems to have gone by so fast. It will make you wish you also had a hormone monster to guide you through your youth, but thankful at the same time that you didn’t.

What bothered me the most about this series was how embarrassed I felt when someone walked in while I was watching it, as it was the weirdest show I’ve seen so far. I still recommend this to those who wish to laugh and reminisce about their teenage years.

Noémi Blom
Office Manager

Originally Published in Bandersnatch Vol. 47 Issue 3 on October 12, 2017