Bike Lights

Image Source: Emily Handfield

Eric (Eni) Enescu
Staff Writer

A small Montreal-based company just finished developing a new concept for lights. Their new design is both revolutionary and simple.
The new Perimetric lights by Subry Design allow for a revolution in low-light visibility. The light set compactly inserts into the bar ends of a flat handlebar. The end-plug lights come with front LEDs (90 lumens), red rear LEDs (40 lumens), and a red laser demarking the width of the bars (and as such the bike) on the ground. The casing is made from a durable high-strength aluminium designed to withstand most impacts with the pavement. As the batteries are in the handlebar itself, the overall system looks very neat and tidy. The bar-end can come with either AAA battery compatibility, or (if you are more high-tech), with integrated USB charging. Under normal use, with the laser on, a user can expect 10 hours of continuous use, and significantly more with the stroboscopic setting or with the laser turned off.
They are quite easy to install, needing only an Allen key set and a flathead screwdriver. Install the batteries (if AAA) and ensure that the lights are pointing in the correct direction on the correct side of the bar and tighten using an Allen key. From there, just use a flathead screwdriver to angle the laser to be parallel with the rider. To turn it on, simply click the button on the outer edge of the bar. There are three light settings: stroboscopic, continuous with laser and continuous without laser.
The Perimetric lights are uniquely available for sale at Gianella Cycles store on Sources Blvd. For the roadies out there, there is a drop bar version in the works. Hopefully now, other road users will be able to keep their distance from riders.

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