Can You Feel the Chemistry Between Us?

Sophia Jeroncic
Arts Editor

The answer is: you probably can’t. The world of COVID-19 has brought forth many changes to our everyday lives and while you may not be feeling particularly close to others right now, you can still feel the chemistry during labs!

JAC has done a very good job of making it possible for chemistry labs to continue to take place in a secure and functional environment. As a first-semester student in Sciences, I am very glad to be able to come on campus to complete my labs. Chemistry has always fascinated me, and in-person labs have allowed me to continue to expand that interest and enjoyment.

Currently, students in the Chemistry of Solutions course are split into two alternating groups per section and perform their labs on campus every two weeks during their allotted lab period on their schedule. This way, students are able to remain socially distanced and also get a break from laboratory experiments every two weeks. After completing a lab session, they are then asked to fill out and finish their lab at home with the submission date being one week later, during their lab period off.

Before coming on campus, students must fill out a COVID Declaration Form and upon arrival show proof of their email confirmation. They are then asked to sanitize their hands once cleared. These measures ensure that the college will help keep students safe, while maintaining an environment of practicality and hands-on learning.

Originally Published on Vol.50 Issue 02 on Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020

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