Car Brands Crossword

Fran├žois Charest-Rettig


1. Car builder that has its headquarters in Munich.
6. The famous Italian brand renowned for its red supercars.
8. The logo of this company is based on the fountain of Neptune.
9. Manufacturer whose logo represents the Pleiades star cluster.
12. The only car manufacturer to name all its cars from a particular animal.
14. German brand that features a horse on its logo.
16. Dutch car manufacturer founded in 1880.


2. Principal brand to use the rotary engine.
3. Logo of a Japanese mark made from three overlapping ovals.
4. The company that built a supercar with a power to weight ratio of 1:1.
5. The luxury division of the Honda brand.
7. Company founded in 1911 by a Swiss race car driver and automotive engineer.
10. Company that manufactured war planes for Japan during World War II.
11. The builder of the well-known model T.
13. Manufacturer of the famous 1001hp hypercar.
15. The manufacturer of the famous V10 powered American supercar built from 1992 until today.

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