Fickle Friends

They line them up and one by one
Recreate them just for fun
Laugh, their faces towards the sun
(We are all just fickle friends.)


We knew her as the woman whose
garage was filled
with dozens of Broadway playbills
and dresses from the eighties,
too small for her now.

The Knife

“The whole forest has gone insane.” Jarred grimaced. He maneuvered himself decisively between his friend and the animal. The forest had gone quiet around them, save for the low growling of the gigantic bear that stood ten feet away, head low and snarling.

Montreal Comiccon

It’s that time of year again. The leaves will soon be falling from the trees, the homework is starting to pile up…and the cosplayers are frantically putting finishing touches on their costumes.

Curiously Baited

Source: Domenique Bruno

Thomas lived on my street
For many years I saw that flop of hair
His poise and gestures returning when he saw me
And I sketched out the possibilities of him tripping

Free EDM in Montreal

Flower headbands, sunglasses, flashing lights and wicked beats. Not to mention bodies splattered in paint bobbing around, shuffling and jumping in unison. That is the view Villa Paradizo brought to downtown Montreal’s very own Crescent Street on the 5th and 6th of September.

Cold Blooded

In an intentionally clichéd and cheesy amateur indie action film mirroring 80’s classics like Commando, Rambo, and anything from Chuck Norris, Cold Blood follows Government agent, John Kane, as he vanquishes terrorist mastermind Dmitri Rascoff’s evil plot and proves vengeance is a dish best served… Cold Blooded.

Cosplay in Local Culture

With Otakuthon having just passed, (for most readers), if you were out and about, you probably crossed paths with someone dressed in an outrageous getup, perhaps complete with a crazy wig and handmade props. These people are what we call Cosplayers.

School Balance

Whether you hate it or love it
The summer is ending and school is beginning again
For 15 more weeks of classes, breaks, new moments and friends

Cross-Dressing as a School Girl Has All the Benefits

This is my second time ever preparing a complex costume. This year, since my friend and I decided to do Otakuthon together, we coordinated and prepared Punk Schoolgirl costumes. Doc Martens, denim vests and torn shear stockings to go with a pretty traditional schoolgirl uniform. Cute, quick, and fun.