Interview with the Admin

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First off, we’d like to thank you for agreeing to do this for us. It will be nice to get insight into the mind of one of John Abbott’s most popular social media outlets. So tell us, how did you become an admin?

Ask Alice

With the Munch Box/Tim Horton’s closed and the vending machines non-functional, where can I get food at Abbott after 4:00 PM?

Club Spotlight: GALA


John Abbott’s Gay and Lesbian Association (G.A.L.A.) is one of the largest clubs on campus. It deals with issues within and outside the LGBTQIA community, including coming out and home life.

Humans of John Abbott


“Most people wouldn’t know that when I really have to get away from everything, I draw. It’s something that I can completely lose myself in.”

How to Survive CEGEP

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Le Collège d’enseignement général et professionnel is the main reason that Quebec ranks #1 in Canada for college completion and degrees (including vocational training) in Canada (federation des cégeps). Also known as CEGEP, close to 165,000 young Quebecers (and Canadians) attend this type of post-secondary school (Fédération des cégeps).

Ask Alice

Is college the right time to lose my virginity?

It depends on the person. After all, no time is the right time, but you should only ever do something until you feel completely ready and safe. You shouldn’t feel pressured to lose your virginity because of others, if you are not prepared enough or think you shouldn’t then perhaps it isn’t the best time. There is no shame in waiting.

Too Much Free Time?

Whether you’re a first semester student or a returning student, clubs are one of the greatest resources that our school can provide. In clubs, you can find new friends, join a cause, and enhance your CV.

School Survival Guide

Hey there, and welcome to John Abbott College! I’m sure you’ll enjoy your stay – despite being bummed that summer vacation’s coming to a close. Everybody can get a little stressed about coming back to school; whether you’re a returning student, or better yet, a new recruit to Abbott’s diverse and growing student body! Don’t worry, we’ve got some tips and tricks to set you on your feet for another exciting school year on campus.

Interested in Joining a Sports Team?

Hello, and welcome to John Abbott College. If you’re a returning student, welcome back. Below you can find the list of all the tryouts dates and the email address of the teacher or staff heading the program.