Too Much Free Time?

Whether you’re a first semester student or a returning student, clubs are one of the greatest resources that our school can provide. In clubs, you can find new friends, join a cause, and enhance your CV.

School Survival Guide

Hey there, and welcome to John Abbott College! I’m sure you’ll enjoy your stay – despite being bummed that summer vacation’s coming to a close. Everybody can get a little stressed about coming back to school; whether you’re a returning student, or better yet, a new recruit to Abbott’s diverse and growing student body! Don’t worry, we’ve got some tips and tricks to set you on your feet for another exciting school year on campus.

Interested in Joining a Sports Team?

Hello, and welcome to John Abbott College. If you’re a returning student, welcome back. Below you can find the list of all the tryouts dates and the email address of the teacher or staff heading the program.

Hidden in Herzberg

Food, friends, wifi, and more food – located in the basement of Herzberg, The Oval, our campus café, was just reopened last semester after being closed for renovations. The Oval goes back to when Herzberg was first built, along with the tunnels connecting it to the Brittain building. The tunnels are now closed after unfortunate crimes that took place inside and a fire burning the inside of the Brittain building leaving it abandoned. Nevertheless, The Oval is now open and ready for business.

SUJAC Update – August 22nd

Hey fellow Islanders! It’s your SUJAC execs here.

We hope you’ve enjoyed an amazing summer and are recovering swiftly from those end-of-summer blues. As a new school year begins, we would like to extend a warm welcome to all of our students, returning and new; we hope that you are looking forward to the semester ahead as much as we are!

What’s a Bandersnatch?

Q: So, what is a Bandersnatch? Does it bear any resemblance to Lewis Carroll’s fictional creature?

A: The name of our newspaper is indeed taken from Carroll’s novel Through the Looking-Glass, but what you find on the stands is John Abbott College’s student-run campus newspaper. No one’s really quite sure what Carroll’s Bandersnatch really looks like, but the general consensus seems to be that it’s big and ugly (and furious). Our paper is not.