Today’s Terrors

Film is an integral part of our entertainment and our economy. We’ve come a long way from the origins of filmmaking amid the beginning of the twentieth century, when film was a silent, visual medium used to express the feelings of the artists about modern society.

Big Wreck

On October 11th, two Canadian bands performed at the Virgin Mobile Corona Theatre. The first band, a surprisingly good opening act, was Royal Tusk from Edmonton, Alberta. The band is currently on tour to promote their first EP, and they put on an amazing performance. With their impressive guitar playing, they started to attract the crowd from the bar to the stage, and likely ended their performance with a bunch of new fans.

The Judge

Court room dramas have been out of the box-office spotlight for quite some time, but every now and then, a classic rises up out of nowhere to steal our hearts and secure its place in the history of cinema.

It’s “Time Warp” Time!

What do you get when you combine two all-American virgins, a morally ambiguous transvestite, incestuous domestics, a blond version of Frankenstein’s monster with flawless abs, and a floating pair of lips? You get The Rocky Horror Picture Show, obviously!

A To Z Falls Flat


In my life, the list of disappointments I’ve experienced is starting to grow a little too long for my liking. Unfortunately, NBC’s new romantic comedy A to Z is now being wearily added to it.

Alt-J Album

Alternative bands are weird. Half of them sound the same, and the others are pretentious. However, in music, being pretentious and weird is good for marketing.

Rooms by Lauren Oliver


October is here, and that means that Fall is getting into full swing: the leaves are changing colours, baggy sweaters are making their annual comeback, the lineups for Pumpkin Spice Lattes are longer than ever…and the countdown until Halloween has officially begun.

New Murder Mystery

“Welcome to Criminal Law 100 or, as I like to call it: “How to get away with murder!”.” Such is the main tagline for ABC’s extremely promising new show How to Get Away with Murder, created by producer Shona Grimes and starring actress Viola Davis in the main role.

Black Keys Concert Revitalizes Rock


Last Thursday, I attended the Black Keys and Cage the Elephant concert at the Bell Centre. The show lasted about three hours and was great from beginning to end. The audience spent very little time in their seats during the concert, which speaks to the quality of the music and performance in general.