Firefighters Arrested

The charges against the employees who participated in a violent protest in August against Bill 3 have begun; Bill 3 would increase the percentage that public sector employees put into their pensions and has been on the table since June (CBC News).

Harper Looks to Attack ISIS


On Friday, Prime Minister Stephen Harper brought a proposition to be voted on this week to the house of commons. The plan is for Canada to join the United-States, Great-Britain, France, Australia, and others in their air strikes against ISIS or ISIL in Iraq (Global News).

Japanese Volcanic Eruption

Source: Atsushi Ueda

I almost thought it was the end of my life,” said Yuji Tsuno, a survivor who told TBS TV network what happened. A surprise remained underground at a popular climbing site located in Kiso, Japan for at least 250 hikers who walked on Mount Ontake.

The Votes Are In!


Social media was buzzing on the night of September 18th as votes were counted in Scotland. The question “should Scotland become an independent country?” resulted in a 55% “No” vote and 45% “Yes” one and a turnout of 84% (BBC, The Week, The Guardian)! So, who exactly was involved in this, you might ask?

Beheading in Syria

Territorial control of the ISIS				   Source:

David Haines, a British aid worker who was abducted last year, was executed in a beheading by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) early this month, on September 13th. ISIS, an unrecognized caliphate, or Islamic sovereign state, has thus far beheaded at least three identified hostages, and several more unidentified soldiers. As per the organization’s modus operandi, the execution was recorded and shared online.

Barack Obama’s Game Plan

Source: Pete Souza

American president Barack Obama will announce today (Wednesday, September 10th) a new US “game plan” for an offensive against the militant jihadist group “ISIS”, operating inside Iraq and Syria.

Russian Food Embargo Takes Effect

Source: Getty Images

August 7th, Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev announced the Russian government’s plans to impose an across-the-board embargo on food products from countries in the European Union and those coming in from Canada and the United States.

Gaza Conflict Rages On

Ever since the ceasefire of the Six Days War in 1967, one small strip of land in the Middle East has been the cause of much negotiation, strife and struggle: the city of Gaza and the large suburban area around it. In the last few months, tensions ran high once again as a prolonged artillery bombardment from Israeli forces began once again.