Daily Tips to Help the Planet

It’s that time of the year again. The air is getting colder, people are replacing their summer clothes for their long sleeves shirts and their bicycles for their cars…With all those changes, people sometimes forget that we have environmental problems around the world. So here are some tips for staying environmentally friendly during this climate change.

CRC Competition

The CRC (Competition Robotique/Robotics Competition) is a non-profit organization that holds an annual competition which allows high schools, CEGEPs, and adult centers to compete against each other in a demonstration of their skills in science, computer science, arts, and languages.

Artificial Sweeteners

You wait in line for your coffee in front of the new Tim Hortons on campus. After what seems to be days since you first got in line, you make it to the front of the counter and you order a medium-sized coffee with a Boston cream donut. When the cashier asks you what you want in your coffee, you are about to say “two milks and two sweeteners”, thinking that this will balance out the amount of sugar that you are about to consume in your donut. Pause.

The Future of the Race for Space

A fascination for what lies beyond Earth has been present in our society for years and has surely crossed many people’s minds during their lives. Yet, people in our day and age either don’t know or don’t seem to appreciate the breakthroughs we have made in the domain of space exploration, as well as its exciting future.

Ebola Virus Outbreaks

Very few people nowadays have not heard of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. The death toll this year has already surpassed 2,000 people, including 79 health workers, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Regardless of the efforts employed by various organizations to slow down the outbreak, it seems to be speeding up instead, raising concerns over this devastating disease.

A Sci-Fi Worthy Breakthrough

U.S. special ops are on their way to becoming the first to sport some of the most advanced military technology in the world. The Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit (TALOS) project is still in the prototype stages, but, by 2018, the first high-risk military units might be going into battle looking like characters straight out of a video game.

Nailed It!

For years, nail polish shelves at department stores have been dominated by the likes of Sparrow Me the Drama, Pink Friday, My Address is Hollywood, and countless other shades that are known under equally ridiculous names. Other than adding a little more color to the fingers of its users, these nail polishes serve little to no purpose, but that is all about to change!

Best Hangouts for Science Students

At John Abbott College, there are many facilities and resources that are offered to all of the students, whether they are in the arts program or in police tech. Some of these include the cafeteria, the gym, the pool, the sauna, and library, not to mention all the counselors and staff on campus.

Getting Enough Sleep

If your summer was anything like mine, chances are it involved a lot of going to bed at 3AM and not rising until noon. From Game of Thrones marathons to nights spent watching super moons and meteor showers, there were plenty of reasons to stay up late. Now that we’re back at school, it is important to prioritise sleep as much as study and social time.