Changing Habits

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Chloe Lefebvre

Everything is changing. Things change all the time, that is the way of life. But this time there are drastic changes around the globe in which every human being has to adapt to. The process of adapting to something involves losing old habits and gaining new ones.

Amongst teenagers, the thought of losing the habit of physically socializing with friends, doing sports, or simply being outside as much has probably passed through their mind often. When a regular part of you has gone absent, it could leave you feeling incomplete.

Before the pandemic, a regular day at school would require you to plan ahead to get in time for class and be more open and engaged with people around you. The rhythm of doing a lot helps with feeling more productive.

Presently, a regular day at school, or rather at home, can start out in your room and literally end in your room without you having to do anything but press on a button to join and watch a computer screen all day. Simple.

Classes at home may feel less rewarding and productive because we are not required to do as much. Those days do not have to be simple; it can be whatever you make it. You can develop new habits, such as, jogging in the mornings, baking bread every other day, reading a cozy book in the park, etc. Embrace the change and let it shape you into the best that you can be, not the worst.

Originally Published on Vol.50 Issue 01 on September 9th, 2020

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