Noémi Blom

Chewing Gum: quite the original name for a TV show, right?

The first season of this Netflix original series came out in 2015. However, it’s only when the second season came out this past summer that it caught my attention. I discovered it in a little humor clip that appeared on my news feed on Facebook and added it to my list of series to watch, bumping it to the top. I started it this past Wednesday, and finished the two seasons the next day. You might think that I’m crazy, watching so much TV in the middle of the week when I should be doing homework and be busy with my social life.

It’s the perfect series to binge watch during your breaks at school or to watch on your bus ride home because, surprise, surprise, there are only six episodes per season that last twenty-two minutes each.

The show includes aspects of everyday life from a young adult’s point of view: jobs, first times, mother-daughter relationships, religion and more. This TV comedy makes difficult situations seem bearable and gives us hope.

What else makes this show worth watching? As in House of Cards, the main character, Tracy, speaks directly to the audience but in Chewing Gum, the people around her are sometimes aware of her speaking to herself, creating awkward interactions. For example, who would sing a song while losing their virginity? Tracy would.

It’s an amazing show, and would I highly recommend it!

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