Civil House

Image Source: Alyssa Vasilev

You Won’t Want To Miss This

Megan Schmidt
Staff Writer

Civil House took the stage at Le Ministère, on St. Laurent Blvd, to bring the audience their best show yet. They opened the show with their newest single Not Holding On and from that moment the audience was hooked. The set list was carefully chosen to exhibit both sides of their music, the wild upbeat as well as the calm. The songs they played were all originals, although only Not Holding On and Why are currently available on Spotify and SoundCloud. The band draws inspiration from several genres, as is evident in their music. Genres like hard rock, smooth R&B, bossa nova and indie have traces in their music, but each of their original songs carries the unique signature of Civil House.
Civil House left it all on the stage and left their audience eagerly anticipating their EP’s release. Their all-ages show at Le Ministère is their most recent of about a dozen. It is more difficult for an up-and-coming band to find venues when the most common place for new bands is in bars and pubs, and two of the members of the insanely talented Civil House are under 18. Dean Dadidis, a student at John Abbott and the front man for Civil House, is 20 years old, but Paul Laventure (drummer) and Aris Dadidis (bass player) are 17 and 16 respectively. They make up for their age with incredible talent and stage presence.
Civil House’s single Not Holding On recently hit WKND radio 91.9. The band is going to be releasing new music in the next few months so look out for that! They have said that they are taking their time and focusing more on the quality of each song than on the quantity. Civil House wants to release an EP which they are proud of and that they will have put their heart and soul into. If their first two singles are any indications, their EP will be well worth the wait!

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