Club Highlight: Robotics

by Shiraa Noumbiessie-Nfeza

JAC’s very own Robotics’ club has grown a lot since its creation last semester. Whereas it only started as a small group of experienced robot-builders or curious novices with a vague idea of what could be accomplished, the Robotics’ Club has grown to be able to boast a truly established structure. Divided into several teams that each cover an aspect of the competition (website, online journal, robot-building, kiosk), all club members are currently putting the final touches on whatever work needs to be completed for the competition that will launch February 12th.


Over the course of the three days during which the CRC Robotics’ competition will last, all available club members will show up at Vanier College to help our robot perform a series of challenges that will hopefully lead it to victory against other CEGEPs and high schools. With our website completed, our video online, all parts of our robot built, and a beautiful kiosk to boot, all club members are proud of the work that has been accomplished in the four months since the beginning of its activities.

Even if this semester’s activities are almost over, interested prospective club members are welcome to take a look at the robot in the clubroom or sign up to be part of it for next semester. Whether you consider yourself a writer, a mechanic, a programmer, or even an artist, there will be a place for you in JAC’s Robotics’ Club. Contact Maria Paula Joya or Tian Qi Wang for further information

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