by Kamal El-Hindawi and Anthony Lum

What is John Abbott’s Asian Club? In a nut shell, it’s “pretty weird”.

When thinking of an Asian Club, most people get the impression that everyone in the club is Asian and that you’re required to be in order to join. But that’s not the case. The Asian Club simply consists of a lot of people getting together and sharing a common interest in Asian culture. First of all, I’m not Asian, and secondly, the president isn’t Asian either, which proves anyone is welcome. I heard plenty of my friends were in Asian club so I figured, “hey, why not?” and made my way to Asian Club. Doing so was one of the best choices of my life and I’ve gotten to meet a bunch of great new people. We all consider each other as an extended family and help each other out when we’re in need. We cook, eat, talk, hangout, watch movies together, play video games till the wee hours of the morn’, skype, study, procrastinate, go on adventures, laugh, and make the most of our little family. No matter how small and crowded our clubroom can be most days, it’s still our home away from home, and I don’t think any of us would rather be anywhere else. Asian Club is what gets us through the week without falling apart, and it’s where memories are made. So give yourself a moment, and consider joining us. We are all open arms.


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