Club Spotlight: Squash

Push Your Limits, Not Each Other

Maria Jose Salcedo
Campus Life Editor

Squash is a sport that is played inside a four wall court. It is a great cardio exercise that you can use to push yourself even past your limit. The great thing about this sport is that although it is a one on one sport and very competitive, it can be very social. The more time you spend playing in the club, the more opponents you will play, the more people you will meet and the better you’ll become. Usually the rallies go up to 11 points, and there’s a rotation around the court so everyone gets a chance to play.

Photo courtesy of Maria Jose Salcedo
Photo courtesy of Maria Jose Salcedo

The squash club at John Abbott College offers a fun atmosphere where students can both loosen up and be fit. The squash club is open to all levels. Even if it’s your first time playing this sport, there is always someone willing to help you learn. The club meets regularly in the squash courts (located in Casgrain near the Dojo) on Fridays starting at 2:30PM until around 5PM, depending on the number of players. The racquets are provided on site and the ball and eyewear can be borrowed at the sports circulation desk, in Casgrain basement in front of the weight rooms.

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