Confessions of a Girl With Mixed Family Origins

by Élissya Lécuyer
Procrastinator Editor

1. No, I don’t know how to say “fork” in Lao.

2. Person: “Are you Native-American?”
Me: “No.”
Person: “Are you Spanish?”
Me: “No, my mom is Lao and Thai, and my dad is from Quebec.”
Person: “What?! Are you sure?”
Me: *Sighs*

3. You get to eat food from different cultures… Which is probably the best thing ever. Who doesn’t love food?

4. I don’t know whether I look like my mom or my dad, okay?

5. I get to travel to Laos and Thailand every 3 years or so, which is just plain awesome.

6. Two of my cousins are dark-skinned, so you can imagine how confused people are when they find that out.

7. Recognizing the perplexed look someone gives you when they’re internally guessing where you’re from.

8. I have different nicknames for my grandparents, so I need to refer to them as “my grandma from my mom’s side of the family” or “my grandpa from my dad’s side” when talking to others.

9. I know, I know, I look young, but I swear I’m 18… Blame my mom’s Asian heritage for making me short and look like I’m 14.

10. No, Thai people don’t just eat Pad Thai.

11. Acquaintance: “Hey, I saw you at the grocery store with an older man the other day, who was he?”
Me: “Oh, that’s my dad.”
Acquaintance: “Oh, okay… Are you adopted?”
Me: *Facepalms*

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