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What is it really?

Lucas Galand
News Editor

The current political landscape is a divided one, with both the right and left becoming more polarized against each other. In these times, more than ever, it is important to understand what each party stands for, and perhaps the most misunderstood party is the Conservative Party of Canada. The right in general is being viewed as the bad guy in almost every country, because of the actions of a select few individuals. So, let’s look at two important values that Canadian Conservatism is actually founded on, and how it is different from other right wing ideologies.

Firstly, the environment. Many assume that because the Conservative Party is a right-wing one, it must not care about conserving the environment. However, conservatism is fundamentally rooted in protecting and preserving our heritage, which includes the environment. Specifically, “a belief that the quality of the environment is a vital part of our heritage to be protected by each generation for the next” is one of the founding principles of the Conservative Party. That same party is the same which has built more parks than any other.
Secondly, healthcare. Another thing which is often associated with any party other than the conservative one is prioritizing healthcare for all Canadians. And yet, once more this is found in the constitution of the Conservative Party. Canadian Conservatism is fundamentally different from other right wing parties around the globe, and not at all like the alt-right movement which is so often popularized on social media.

All in all, it is important to remember that the assumptions we make about parties we vote for are not always correct, and by neglecting to keep an open mind we only limit our own options. So, this October, do your research, and vote for a party that truly has your best interests at heart.


Originally Published in Bandersnatch Vol. 48 Issue 07 on January 30th, 2018