Cosplay in Local Culture

Otakuthon Ahoy!

By Charlotte Brunet (Contributor)

With Otakuthon having just passed, (for most readers), if you were out and about, you probably crossed paths with someone dressed in an outrageous getup, perhaps complete with a crazy wig and handmade props. These people are what we call Cosplayers.


Typically, these people make their own costumes from start to finish. They pour their hearts, time, and money into the things they make, and it all starts with an idea. What may seem like a dorky asian cartoon or just a videogame to some, becomes inspiration to others. The cosplay community is usually very welcoming and encouraging. They love to help come up with ideas for their costumes, weather it be a gijinka (a human version of a pokemon) or a fancy, over-the-top version of any fantasy character.

Even if you don’t think you have the talent to create such a masterpiece, you can have your costume purchased of online stores like Etsy, Amazon, or Ebay. There’s also the possibility of hiring a commissioner. Having a costume commissioned may be a bit more expensive, but chances are you’ll get to pick your fabrics and there is a higher chance of it being more fitted than one purchased from an online store. There are some wonderful references available. Who knows, you might get inspired to join the crowd!

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