Dance Marathon

For Operation Enfant Soleil

by Anna Krupa

On February 12th, there is a Dance Marathon organized by John Abbott, Vanier and Champlain College. The Marathon itself will be held in Champlain College. This marathon will be from 5PM to 11PM and the point of this marathon is to stay standing up for the whole 6 hours. At the people’s arrival, all the dance members from the colleges will start presenting their dances. Afterward Champlain College will start off with some fun activities for the people present to take part on. There will also be food on place and a VIP section for the people who want to sit down, but there is a catch: to enter this section there is an extra cost that will go towards the charity for which this event is taking place.

Variety Show Fall 2015
Variety Show Fall 2015

John Abbott College Legion dance crew will take over with a cool dance battle, activities and many other surprises for people to get involve and enjoy while raising money for Operation Enfant Soleil. Vanier College will also be doing activities and dance pieces. There is more to the evening than that; at around 10 at night all the lights will go down, glow sticks will come out and we will all dance until we drop. For more information on how to register and donate money for this event, visit the foundation webpage at Ticket prizes are very affordable for only 10 dollars in advance and around 15 dollars at the door.

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