Alexia Quraeshi
Staff Writer

The yellow sun in the grass, spreading like a nebula through the green fields.
It yields to no one; you may remove the dandelion but it shall always come back.

It lacks beauty, intricacy, details and it’s ultimately a pest for the busy mind.
Yet the young souls find something more.

It is a beautiful kaleidoscope of wonder, as this stroke of the whims of nature opens then closes and opens again only to take flight.

The white snow like seeds fly through the air so alive and free.
Can’t you see?

To throw them into a black abyss would be to dismiss the small little wonders.

The idea of a bare field thunders through and leaves a bare mind.
No room to be kind, we can’t all be boring and fit like a square peg.

I beg for there to be beauty in the small, in the secret, in the unkempt fields.
Sealed away, with the snowflake seeds flying to spark the curiosity,
to mark the generosity of the universe, to give us this little gems in the grass.

We have the potential of the blooming sun within, yet it is always trivial to set it free

We have learned to let it be and for it to sit in the corner of our mind.
Lost, forever searching and wasting time.

Rays of the potential are and shall always be there, what you choose to do with it is up to you.

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