DAUGHTERS Album Review

Image Source: Pixabay

Alec Turcot

Back from the dead at long last! Providence, Rhode Island band Daughters finally returned after eight years with their new record “You Won’t Get What You Want”. The grindcore-turned-noise rock band picked up where they left off from their excellent and chaotic 2010 self titled record, staying true to themselves while reinventing themselves in the best way possible.

“City Song” kicks off the record, showcasing Daughters’ noisy and ambitious intentions with vocalist Alexis Marshall’s classic Nick Cave-meets-David Yow vocal delivery, mumbling over Jonathan Syverson’s machine gun-like drums, and screeching, dissonant keyboards, showing that Daughters are back, and they aren’t here to mess around.

The supreme highlight off the album is the song “Satan In The Wait,” the most traditionally “rock” song on the record. Dissonant guitar chords, thunderous bass and pounding drums compliment Marshall’s yells as he breathlessly pants lyrics such as “today’s gonna feel like tomorrow someday.”

The second half of the record is just as rewarding, as Daughters takes their Noise rock sound and pairs it with industrial music instrumentation, with songs like “The Reason They Hate Me” and “Daughter”, showcasing this monstrous yet wonderful set of sounds.

Overall, Daughters are back in full form and it is safe to say this is their peak as a band. They take the raw sounds from their previous records and modernize it to the age of electronic music. Do not sleep on this album!

Originally Published in Bandersnatch Vol. 48 Issue 05 on November 7th, 2018