Dog Runs from Home and Takes a 160-kilometer Round-Trip in a Taxi Before Coming Back

Lukas Lehner

Opinions Editor

Young dogs running from their owners is common, but for one to jump in the back of a taxi for 160km before coming back home is new.

           Three-year-old Ralph, a Cavapoo from Manchester, gave his owner Georgia Crewe, 27, a valentine’s surprise she hadn’t been hoping for when he ran away from her on a morning walk and wasn’t to be found anywhere nearby. Miss Crewe spent the next three hours stressfully combing the area in search of her lost pup. She had not realized Ralph had jumped in the back of a taxi with a family headed to the Manchester airport 80 kilometers away.

           The taxi driver was picking up the family going on vacation as Ralph hopped in looking for a warm place to cuddle up. The taxi driver noticed Ralph had no identification on his collar and decided he would keep the dog warm in the car while he took the family to the airport. After dropping them off, he scoured Facebook to see if he could find the owner.

           Eventually, the taxi driver was able to find Miss Crewe on Facebook and give her a call. Another 80 kilometers later, the pup and owner are reunited.

           After the incident, Miss Crewe is planning on buying a geolocation tag, a flashing light, and an identity disc for his collar, so the next time he decides to go on an adventure, she will be able to find him a little quicker.

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