Marc Randy
Science & Tech Editor

I used to know what dreams were like
Things that made me leave my bed every morning
Braving the harsh cold beyond the covers

I used to know what dreams were like
My only friends when nobody wanted to be mine
A safe garden where
humiliation didn’t exist

I used to know what dreams were like
Comfort during hard times
Shining hope for a bright and happy future just over the horizon

I thought that dreams could save me
Tide me over when times were hard
Be that inextinguishable flame that would help me overcome overwhelming adversity

But I’m not a kid anymore
And my dreams are gone
I sacrificed them for my future
Because dreams don’t get you a job or put food on the table

I don’t know what dreams are
I tore them up to put them to use in real life
The flowers in the garden have all wilted
The sky has turned dark

As I lie alone in my starless mind, suffocated by my own thoughts
As the shade of the dark sun gnaws at my soul
I wish I could have dreams again

I don’t need freedom or salvation
So you can keep your prayers and your revelations
All I need is another bright horizon to gaze out at
So I can rekindle the cold ashes I’ve become
And ignite my passions once more

Originally Published in Bandersnatch Vol.49 Issue 10 on February 26th, 2020