End of Summer Gaming Drought!

By Bradley Drew Brereton (Production Manager)

Well, the summer gaming drought is about to end, and we’re all preparing our wallets for the oncoming storm.

The much anticipated Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor is to be released on September 30th, and it honestly looks like Batman: Arkham City had a sleepover with Battle for Middle Earth.

Next, we have the slightly controversial Alien: Isolation coming out on October 7th (which includes pre-ordered DLC that many believe should be part of the main experience). This game is the following of the much hated Alien: Colonial Marines.

Source: Lokdroks
Source: Lokdroks

Following that, we can look forward to something very reminiscent of most of our childhoods, from the creator of Resident Evil. The Evil Within will be released on October 14th, and many feel this game could bring about the true revival of the survival horror genre, and the possibly the return of good AAA horror games.

Lastly, we have the grand finale of the October games with Dragon Age Inquisition (October 18th), the sequel and the final entry of the Dragon Age trilogy. With the world ending and the land in civil war, they need the Inquisition to bring order…but mainly they need you (and your money)!

So, prepare your wallets, and get ready for a great season of gaming this Fall!

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