Falling in love with the piano

Image Source: Pixabay

Vanessa Marion
Web Editor

Approximately a month ago (when the quarantine started) I decided to genuinely put effort into playing the piano. I had it sitting there for the longest time, and the only piece I could play was “Ode to Joy”. When I decided to actually dedicate myself, I wondered why I didn’t sooner. I got the keyboard back in July and tried for about a week, then became too ‘busy’ to practice. When I started again, I wondered why I ever stopped. The effort I put in began to pay off. I saw myself improving rapidly, plus I had extra time to practice because I wasn’t working. Therefore, I had the time I needed to get invested. The satisfaction of barely being able to play a song, to finally getting all the notes is pure and utter pride and happiness.

Now, I can’t stop playing and I keep craving to learn more. “Ode to Joy” does not suffice anymore. I want to grow to eventually be able to read sheet music as if it’s a book. Moral of the story, I guess there isn’t really one. However, I can tell you that it’s possible to find passions when you least expect. I wanted to learn to be able to show off to friends and have a ‘cool hidden talent’. Yet, now it’s so much more than that. The piano and I may still be in the honeymoon phase, but damn it feels real. Therefore, I suggest you try something new you’ve always yearned to try and see where it goes.

Originally Published on www.bandersnatch.ca Vol.49 Issue 13 on April 15th, 2020